Bogotá- La nevera 

After a long flight we arrived in Bogotá and quickly realized why it is also called “La Nevera” (the fridge) by locals. Located at 2600 metres above sea level temperatures can get quite crisp. We were there during a weekend after Hurricane so the weather was more rainy than usual.

At the hostel, our goal was to beat jet lag and our local friend Gabriel convinced us that going out would be the best way to do that. After a few drinks of Aguardiente, the local liquor, we headed to Andrés – a mix of restaurants/bar/salsa club on various floors.

The following three days we explored the old town of the city La Candelaria where our hostel was located. We joined the graffiti tour which revealed amazing street art of local and international artists. We also strolled through the with its churches and museums (we especially enjoyed the Museo Botero) and took the funicular up to Monserrate. From up there you realise how big the 8million inhabitant city is.

The weekend was quite calm since the city was under a Ley Seca from Saturday night to Sunday night – no alcohol at shops or bars due to the votation on the peace agreement. On Sunday we headed north to Cartagena.

Some food highlights: tamales y chocolate completo at La puerta falsa, amazing fruits from street vendors and sancocho de gallina(chicken with yuca and potatoes in broth).

at Andrés DC with Gabriel
Parque de los Periodistas
Street art tour 
Chocolate completo
Centro historico

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