Cartagena – La heroica

Welcome to the Caribbean Sea ! 
Our second destination surprised us with heat and humidity as well as colonial architecture. Cartagena de Indias, also referred to as la heroica by locals, was once a thriving port of the Spanish empire and has recently developed itself into the most visited city of Colombia.

During our week on spot we stayed in an AirBnB apartment just outside el centro historico with view on the sea. In order to freshen up our spanish skills we visited spanish classes every morning. In the afternoons we discovered and enjoyed the beautiful town.

We also enjoyed the nightlife and atmosphere in the city (eg at El balcón) or hanging out with locals at Plaza Trinidad.

Recommendations for sightseeing:

  • Free walking tour Pza Santa Teresa: good overview-take the later one so it’s less hot
  • Castillo San Felipe de Barajas
  • Museo naval: only spanish explanations but nice intro 
  • Getsemani & Old town by foot 


The city has many street food stands with local treats like arepas or fruits. For lunch you can get menus (soup+main+drink) for 3-5euros, for example at Café Lunático, casa Dorotea,…

La mulata for seafood, La Cocina Pepina for Caribbean cuisine and Saint Roque, Indonesian restaurant owned by a former Dutch policeman who is also running children’s homes.

Adjusting to calor

So nice
Torre del reloj
Castillo San Felipe
Colonial architecture
Babel school
Museo naval

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