The city of Medellin welcomed us with spring temperatures and showed us the modern side of Colombia. Due to the boom of coffee and other export goods 😉 Medellin was able to develop faster than the rest of Colombia and can now enjoy benefits such as a Metro System, shopping malls and fancy living areas. 

We stayed in the Poblado area which is very trendy, hipster-like and full of bars, shops and cool restaurants. Just by walking around you can find a nice place at every street corner.

In order to learn more about the city we took a 4hour long free walking tour which we can only recommend. Our guide Maribel showed us the positive sides of the city but also explained the dramatic history of drug wars and political instability that shook the city for many years.

Only since 2012 the local situation has allowed tourists to safely travel the region. Many locals came up to us during our visit welcoming us to their country being very happy that foreigners can finally visit the city safely. 

We also took one of the city’s cable cars that first led over the city and then up to a huge forest. The place is called Parque Arvi and is a hikers paradise just outside the city. 


Free Tour of the City to get a good overview 

Hotel Poblado Boutique for great location and good rooms for reasonable price.

Envy bar at Charlee Hotel to enjoy a drink overlooking the city and yummy japanese food

Dulce Jesus mio for crazy parties Colombian style with improvised singing, costumes and funny decor

Envy Restaurant

Local soup with lots of innards (not our favourite)

Plaza de las Esculturas with Botero horse

Cable car up to Parque Arvi


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