Hello Quito – Welcome to Ecuador

Perched at 2800metres, the capital of Ecuador is one of the first UNESCO world heritage sites. Already on our 1 hour drive from the airport to the city we got a first impression of the hilly landscapes.

We decided to stay 2 nights in the old town and two nights in the more modern neighborhoods in order to get a good overview of the city. 

During the free walking tour we learnt about the history of the indigenous people, the inca and conquistadores up until modern Quito. 

Fruits at central market
The old town with its churches, plazas and colonial houses is one of the best preserved and most beautiful in South America.

top of the cathedral

As the name already suggests Ecuador is lying on the equator. Just outside of Quito we visited the Mitad del Mundo, a middle of Earth Disneyland for tourists, where you can experiment with Coriolis forces and walk on the line of the equator. 

Mitad del Mundo

traditional exotic dancer
The city also features a cablecar taking you up to the Pichincha volcano. When we reached the top at around 4500 meters we noticed the altitude and had to slow down on our way to the viewpoint. 


  • Free walking tour Community Hostel. Approx 4 hours
  • Andino Hotel. 28 USD for a nice room with bathroom. 
  • TeleferiQo to the volcano
  • Basilica Voto: climb up to the top of the towers. Scary but worth the view. 
  • Museo de la Ciudad: nice modern museum explaining the history of Ecuador and Quito. Set in a former hospital.


  • Santa Rosa Craft Beer with adjoining Vietnamese restaurant Banh Mi. Full of locals and very yummy beer and food.
  • Street food at the Mercado central. Llapingach0(egg, avocado, chorizo, potato, ham) for USD 2.50 and yummy local fruit juices 
  • Bar El Pobre Diablo for good drinks, food and jazz music

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