Sucre, a sweet surprise.


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Making our way inwards from La Paz we took an epic nightbus combination to Sucre. It involved us getting on a bus direction Argentinian border and changing buses at 4am on the highway in Potosi.

Sucre is the (in)official capital of Bolivia and most definitely its most beautiful city. It is characterised by colonial architecture, warm temperatures, palm tree parks and clean streets.

We spent some time exploring the center of the town by foot which is easily accessible and very safe to walk around. Sucre also has some great restaurants and bars which we enjoyed in the afternoons/evenings to escape the unsual heat.

But not only the urban part of Sucre is worth visiting, the surroundings are filled with geological wonders and traces of prehistoric creatures.

We took the Dinobus (not kidding) to the nearby Dinosaur Park – a small disney land for Jurassic Park enthusiasts and Land Before Time fans. The park is located around fossilised dinosaur footprints of various species that were found in a cement quarry. The dinosaurs walked here on the way to a lake, the mud petrified their prints and with tectonic movements the floor got flipped up vertically. In the park you can also find lifesize replicas of dinosaurs that even make noise.

Another excursion we heard about was the Maragua crater – a nearby hike to explore geological formations as well as more dinosaur footprints. We embarked together with a group in the morning on this 1 night tour. The first day you head down an ancient Inca trail into the canyon and walk along the river before climbing up a steeper path over mountains layered with different segments. We spent the night in Maragua which is located in a sort of crater – which some locals claimed was created by a meteorite. In the evening we walked the few steps down to the Garganta del Diablo which had a breathtaking view of the mountain range and canyon. On Day 2 we made our way to the closest bigger village where our bus was going to await us. On the way we checked out some more dino footprints and got surprised by very heavy rains, winds and hail. Unfortunately the storm got worse and worse and on our way back by bus the street was close to flooding away and we had to get off the bus every now and then to fix the road with stones. After a loooong and tiring bus ride we finally got back to Sucre – exhausted but happy.


  • Accommodation: CasArte Takubamba – located 3 blocks from the main square. Nice quiet neighborhood, open air kitchen and garden, nice rooms and good breakfast. 40 USD for double with bathroom.
  • La Taverne French Restaurant– interesting wine selection incl. good Bolivian wines. Good quality meat for a reasonable price.
  • Free Salsa Class at the Joy Ride Bar/Resto – CUIDADO – very energetic teacher, be prepared to sweat.
  • Parque Cretacico – go there by local bus or by dinobus. The latter leaves from the main square at set times and gives you about 1 hour to do the visit. Go during the time when they have tours down to the footprints.
  • Maragua Trek – we went with Condor Trek. They are by far the most expensive operator and even though they are non-profit they are overpriced. We did not have enough food and our guide was really bad. If you can get together with some people and form a group of 4 or more and book with anyone else.





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