Pucón – Kaffee & Kuchen

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Our arrival in Pucon felt like coming home. Lakes, mountains, wooden chalets and strudel. You can really feel the influence of the settlers who colonized this area – who were mostly German and Czech. 
The town of Pucon is a holiday destination for outdoor loving Chileans and tourists and therefor rather pricey. You can climb mountains and then spend the afternoon swimming in the lake and having a nap.

Overlooking the valley is the active volcano of Villarrica which last erupted in 2015. Nevertheless put yourself up to the challenge and climb it – you will not regret it. 4 hours up over lava fields and glacier ice until you put on your gas masks to avoid the toxic gas up at the crater. In summer you can see the lava spitting and spraying – a moment we will never forget. Going down is fast since you sit on a plastic plate and happily slide down the snowy volcano slopes. 

Another outdoor activity is hiking in the park Huerquehue. You can just catch a bus to the entrance of the national park and discover the lush forests, impressive waterfalls and hidden lagoons. 

To recover from tough hikes the area offers various hot springs. We went to the by far most beautiful one we have ever seen. Termas Geometricas are a 2 hour drive from Pucon and open at night which allows you to bathe in the 17 different pools, refresh yourself in natural waterfalls and gaze at the stars. 


  • Hostal Monica – close to all bus stations. Lovely place with nice rooms and communal kitchen. The owner and her family are amazing.
  • Restaurant Ana Maria for venison and fish – basically serving all wild animals from the region
  • Pizza Cala for the best pizzas in town
  • Cafe Patagonia – good prices and best coffee 
  • Summit Tours for volcano and termas. They have plenty more offer – great service and staff
  • Huerquehue – take the bus next to JAC terminal at 08.30 am for 3000 CLP return. 5000 CLP entrance fee.

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