Valdivia – a hidden gem

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We had some time extra on our way to Patagonia so we stopped in the port city of Valdivia just down the river of the Pacific. Heart to the German settler movement this place is full of yummy food and nice architecture. As a vibrant student city you can enjoy the university’s surrounding park at the waterfront as well as various museums.
Due to its proximity to the sea the fish market is one of the main attractions. Once it’s finished a bunch of oversized and overfed sea lions are waiting for the leftovers. 

We just spent one night there but it was very easy to feel at home in this non-touristy destination.

If you happen to pass by this corner – make sure you stopover at least for half a day. 


  • Villa Paulina – house in the typical old wooden colonial style. Rustic charm but spotless clean. Rooms at around 30.000clp
  • Restaurant Club de la Union – located in a colonial house right at the square this is the restaurant of the German club. The architecture is beautiful and the food simply amazing. Try the local dish Crudo (tartare on toast) 
  • Jardin Botaniquo – more of a huge park around the university. Perfect place for a stroll
  • Fish market that turns into artisanal market after 
  • Restaurant New Orleans – local feel with seafood specialties and wine 

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