Chiloé island

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Chiloé Island is a place like on a different planet – everything moves slower here, even the cows.
We rented a car from Puerto Montt airport to explore the island and surroundings. After a short ferry ride guided by curious sea lions we arrived on the shores of Chiloé. 

We spent our first night in the Chepu region at an Ecolodge that offered sunrise kayaking. We got up at 6.00 am, boarded our kayaks and headed out on the nearby river. While paddling through the mist he wildlife slowly awoke and we were able to see otters and plenty of birds. The next day we headed to xxx to see Chiloé’s famous penguin colonies. 

Our second destination was the town of Castro which we used as a base to further explore the islands highlights. Castro itself has very little to offer but we stayed in one of the charming palafitos in an adorable B&B. 

We headed out to the Muelle de las Almas which according to legend is the place where souls leave the island, a pier in the middle of green hills overlooking the stormy sea. On the way back we went to the Parque Nacional. You can do overnight hikes there we just checked out two of the shorter walks that are easily accessible from the entrance. 

The island is famous for its fish, seafood and xxx – we found one of the best places to try that the small food market at Dalhangue. Many vendors offer typical dishes such as stews, empanadas, fried fish or sweets for affordable prices. 

Culturally the church architecture of the island and its sub islands is noteworthy. You can find a collection of wooden built churches in all sorts of colors while exploring Castro, Quemchi and surroundings. 


  • Palafits B&B – wonderful place with dorms and double rooms with shared & private bathrooms. Best homemade breakfast!

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