Iguazu – mighty jungle fever

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One of the most visited natural attractions in South America lies at the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. 
We stayed in Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinian side in a nice and comfortable jungle cabaña just outside of the city center. The town itself has little to offer to tourists, especially when it comes to restaurants. This was our last tropical destination before heading back to Europe so we stayed a few days longer than needed (3 days) to enjoy the sun and the pool. 
While agencies are trying to come up with some alternative activities, the waterfalls are by far the most interesting attraction. 
You can take a bus or taxi for about 30minutes to the entrance of the Iguazu National Park. After paying the entrance fee (500 ARS/30USD) you enter the welcome plaza with an info center, kiosks and souvenir shops. Usually you can walk to the main train station heading to La Garganta del Diablo – while we were there we had to take a connection train as pumas were wandering around close to the path. The trains are open carriages that fit around 300 people. 
The different parts of the park we covered:
 Gargante Del Diablo: the highlight of the park – a platform overlooking the tallest and widest waterfalls of all. The walk there is very scenic leading over rivers and you will encounter plenty of butterflies and birds. Be prepared to get wet at the waterfalls 😉
Sendero bajo: leads you through the jungle to smaller waterfalls and make sure to continue all the way down the river (start of boats to cross to island or jet boats) as from the path down there you have the best views on big waterfalls with less people
Sendero Alto: walk over the waterfalls you just admired from below. Many panoramic views zu 
Food/drinks: there a few kiosks scattered around the park and a restaurant at the entrance. Avoid eating outside as there are monkeys and coatis waiting to steal your food. They are known to bite and scratch and as some of them could transmit diseases – be careful:-) it was a beautiful day full of rainbows, jungle and water. 


  • Jungle Lodge Iguazu: we got a great deal online for a cabaña with kitchen. Hotel features pool, restaurant and yummy breakfast. Restaurant was overpriced.
  • You can also visit the waterfalls from the Brazilian side or combine it with a bird park or shopping in Paraguay 
  • Plan around 6-8 hours to visit the park – the last train to Gargante leaves around 4pm. 
  • If you let your entrance ticket get stamped while leaving the park you can get a discount on the entrance fee the following day. 

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